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_mg_1440jpg_17029533068_oEvery member at CrossFit on the Plains is introduced to CrossFit and our gym through their 101 class since we opened our doors in August 2010. We feel that it is important to learn the basics of CrossFit and get to know a few fellow new members as you begin your CrossFit journey. Our 101 class runs weekly on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights at 7 pm. Please note that you will need to come in for the free beginner workout before you begin your CrossFit 101 classes.

During the 101 classes, you will get acquainted with the facility and equipment but most importantly you are taught the technique and mechanics of CrossFit. Then, you are taught, intensity. We will be showing you movements that begin with the relatively non technical and progressively more technical. We will also touch on the nutrition at our gym and provide you with a Whole9 nutrition package. You will also be set up in our Wodify system which¬† will provide you with a username and password. This program allows you to sign in to classes, enter your WOD times and weights, refer back to past WOD’s to check progress, etc.

During the 101 course, the coach is there at your disposal. Inundate them with questions about CrossFit, nutrition, goals, etc.


After you complete your 101 class, you are free to jump in to the classes. How do the classes work? Well, first and foremost, our program and contracts work on an unlimited basis meaning that you can attend one class every day we are open, Monday-Saturday, if you prefer.

21209269403_a6d044efd7_oPick the class time you prefer. You do not have to pick one class time that works for you and attend only that class. For example, the 6:00 a.m. class may be great for you on Mondays but on Tuesday you get off work early and want to attend the 4:00 p.m. class and that is fine! Using your Wodify account, you can check in to the class you want to attend that day from your smart phone, iPad or computer. By signing in to a class, the coaches can get prepared for you that day. They can see who is attending their classes and will help you based on your “hey, im new to CrossFit” status, baseline time, and/or previous workouts. Again, our coaches are there for you. Ask them questions, feedback, etc.


At CrossFit on the Plains (aka CFP), we like to believe that we are more than just a gym. We are a community of individuals from all different backgrounds and ages coming together for the sake of fitness and health. We encourage each other, provide support, accountability and friendship.

Throughout the year, CFP will provide various events for national and local charities. Each year CFP has a “Winter Throwdown”, “Spring Fling”, and various other events sprinkled in throughout the fall and summers. We encourage each and every member to get involved by volunteering, competing and/or supporting the events. Nothing feels better than getting a great workout in and raising money for an awesome cause at the same time!

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