Codie Rowland Athlete of the Week

Codie Rowland (@codiefaith) is our athlete of the week. She recently participated in CFP’s nutrition challenge. “I felt that being apart of a team made me hold myself more accountable. I took this challenge on with everything I had. I never missed a WOD (which was completely new for me). I was in the gym 5 days a week, participated in each week’s Rowing Club workout, and attending Endurance GroupĀ every Sunday throughout the challenge. Having the accountability of my teammates was a huge factor that kept me on track. Feeling better about where I’m going makes me so happy I took the chance and joined CFP. It has been such a great experience and allows additional time to work on myself. I’ve made some of the greatest friends that are constant encouragement. It’s also nice that my husband, Brandon and I have something we both enjoy that we can do together:) Codie’s greatest achievement has been overcoming her fear of box jumps. “I’ve always been terrified of box jumps, but during the challenge I attempted box jumps for the first time. CrossFit definitely doesn’t get easier, but you get stronger and become capable of doing more”.