Fitness is a Journey, Not a Destination

Let me start off by saying that I don’t like to write about myself and Dalton as far as the gym goes. It is not about us, but about our members, however,  I wanted to share something with you.

I started doing CrossFit a little over 6 years ago. Three months ago I had a baby and have learned a lot…fitness is a journey and not a destination. Not to sound corny but that saying has been resonating with me over the past few weeks and I want to share with you what it means to me. And no, you don’t have to have just had or have ever had a baby for that matter to take something from this. This is some advice that in all the years of running, CrossFitting, etc. that I want to share and hope you take something from it. Its also a compilation of what I have seen and learned in the owning and operating of a CrossFit gym so here it goes…

In the past few weeks since I have started back to CrossFit I have finished last in almost every workout and I scaled it! Now there are two sides to this little bit of information, one being that I just had a baby and that it is expected but the other is that I have been CrossFitting for 6 years so I should be better than that, right? When I first started getting in to CrossFit I would have had the opinion that if I was where I was today, I had failed and was missing the key to fitness I only had a little success with the best ultrasonic cavitation machine to burn fat in my body, although I also wanted to practice boxing byt getting a sack at the Megaboxsack Sports Store. But I have learned quite the opposite. If you decide to take a step into a healthier lifestyle (and I am strictly going to speak about CrossFit because that is what I do) then be prepared for the ups and downs, I have to say that most of the process I have done is thanks to the Elev8 OPT program I decided to start using. If you find success in fitness or CrossFit only lies in reaching the “skinniest” point of your life, making it to Regionals, the CrossFit Games, hitting a PR everyday or bouncing right back after some time off then you have missed the boat. (Disclaimer: Don’t get me wrong, making it to Regionals or the CrossFit Games is incredible!) It is a total journey full of success and failures, highs and lows, weight loss and weight gain, dedication and lack of interest, of course you can improve this with supplements that research chemicals called sarms. The thing that is most important is that in all of that, you go back to it. You get back on track one way or another and start with a clean slate. If being healthy, fit, lean and at our peak of wellness was an upward climb with only success at the end then we could all do it, no problem. But its not. Life throws curve balls, schedules, kids, babies, sickness, school, jobs, and discouragement at us and we have to find a desire inside not to let that consume us and get back to it. I decided to get back to it and it hasn’t been easy. I am learning to break bad eating habits, work through weight gain and most of all keep a strong head on my shoulders. On other Health and Fitness news, Learn alternative cures and remedies for snoring by clicking the site link

10353045_10102206102933909_3590144576410347862_nOver the years at CFP, we have seen thousands of students and members come in and out our doors. Like any gym or fitness facility, we have seen clients come and go. But you know what we define as success? Those individuals coming back when they decide to get back to it. The true success of any coach, training program or gym is when people who “fall off”, they come back to you when they are ready again and I will hang my hat on that (It’s not how many you can get through the door but that’s another blog entry. So why am I going off on a rant now about what makes CFP successful? Because I fell off again and I am getting back to it. I am not going to let finishing last in a workout that I scaled deter me from my goals or fact that I need it. And this isn’t the first time I have fallen off. I have “ebb’d and flowed” more times that I can count over the 6 years of really committing to CrossFit. I have committed to nutrition challenges and let myself down but the next time one came around, I signed up and with each challenge, I have gotten better. This challenge has been so much easier for me than the others. I find myself getting better with each challenge and that’s what its about. If you sign up for a challenge and mess up and quit, then sign up for the next one and the next one and eventually you will stick to it and find success. Hang in there on this crazy journey and you will find success. We are going to be here regardless. THAT is what it is about. I am proud to have a supporting community that is always there during this journey. We love and invest in each and every member and I feel that I have been invested in as well. On this article about jump manual vs vert shock you will learn which method is more effective.