Athlete of the Month-Meet Cameron “Cam” Bonner

Cam began CrossFitting in March of 2014. After being introduced to CrossFit when viewing the CrossFit Games, he decided to check it out and see what it was about. Here is his story:

Cameron Bonner

Cameron Bonner

“I remember the first time I became aware of CrossFit. It was when I saw the CrossFit games on tv and the first thing I thought was these people are crazy. But the more I watched them, the more interested I became in trying it. I heard about CrossFit on the Plains by doing a google search for CrossFit in Auburn. CFP was the first place that popped up and I just went for it.  Before CrossFit, I was going to the gym 5 days a week but it was so mundane because I would end up doing the same workouts every week. “

“I feel like I fell in love with CrossFit. To me CrossFit is almost like an addiction. If I don’t get to work out I feel almost unstable. CrossFit challenges me on an everyday basis and not only makes me stronger physically but also mentally. With CrossFit having different workouts everyday it never gets boring. I never know what to expect from a workout. So CrossFit has really taught me how to deal with the unexpected. That’s kind of how life is. We never know what the day is going to bring we just have to be ready to improvise. It has also really helped me gain the strength and muscle that I have been trying to obtain for years. I hate the pain that you have to endure but I think you have to learn how to love the pain and if you can figure that out you will be better for it. I feel like CrossFit has helped me with being a more supportive person. People at CFP are very encouraging and push you to finish and do your best on every workout and that gives you so much confidence to get it done.”


“He must never leave, we love him”- Coach Quinn

Cam has made huge leaps in the past year of training. He’s always a positive contributor to the atmosphere of the gym- hard working and genuinely enjoys what he does in the gym. – Coach Quinn Otte

Cam’s favorite workout is “Annie” and his least favorite is “Fran” which most CrossFitters can relate to! Cam has also set goals for himself and strives to become a better CrossFitter everyday. His goal is to be as physically fit as possible as well as to become a better olympic and power lifter. Cam can usually be found working out in the 5:00 or 6:00 p.m. class.

“Just being optimistic but I want to be in the top five of the whiteboard every day.” 

“Keeping my heels on the ground and my flexibility are by far the biggest and hardest obstacles for me. I hear this from the coaches all the time when I’m doing anything related to a squat. But I think I’m getting a little better every day. My biggest gain is just noticing that I have gotten stronger. I remember when I couldn’t do one handstand push up and one muscle-up but now I can do a WOD with these workouts in them. I’m also starting to RX a lot more workouts than I used to and I can tell that I’m so much more conditioned than I used to be. I would get so tired from a WOD and I still do but I’m not as gassed as I used to be. ” 

Cam has one of best, most laid back personalities at CFP. He’s always smiling, and cracking jokes, which makes coaching him fun. Anytime I instruct Cam, he immediately accepts the instruction and applies it to what he’s doing. His progress with CrossFit has been inspiring, and I know he will continue to have success with the kind of work ethic he has.- Coach Dalton Ard

“CFP just has a great atmosphere. The people that attend CFP are some of the friendliest people that you will meet. They all make you feel so welcome. I love the coaches, they are the best. I love that they critique what you do like a coach should because it makes you better and they want you to be better. The coaches are very supportive and do not mind giving you the extra help that you need.” 

Cameron is such a great person to have in the gym. Always comes in with a positive attitude and always gives 100% on the workouts. No matter what the workout is, his positive energy is contagious to all the athletes around him. An overall awesome guy and integral part of the CFP family.-Coach Alex Maxwell

Cameron and his family

Cameron and his family

Cam is from Muscle Shoals, Alabama and is currently a senior majoring in Civil Engineering at Auburn University. Cam also considers himself a “sneaker head”.

“I’m a big time sneakerhead. I love sneakers and probably have around 60 pair. Watching tv is like my favorite pastime.” 

“I can’t express how much I love my family. God truly blessed me with the best parents and family memebers that you could ask for. They are the most supportive people I know.  I have awesome parents. Both have a beautiful spirit. We have so much fun when we are all together. My father is a very outspoken preacher that is the hardest working person I know and does everything he can to provide for his family. My mother is my rock. I’m a big momma’s boy. We are best friends and I can basically talk to her about anything. I can always count on her to be there for me. “