Lisandro Valle Athlete of the Week

“First and foremost, I am incredibly humbled by being selected as the athlete of the week. I know there are many more deserving athletes in our gym than me. I started at CFP about a year and a half ago and, although I truly have a long way to go in my overall fitness, I feel blessed for what I have found at CFP. I have found a group of people who truly care about my health, fitness, morale, family, and faith.
When I started at CFP I did so with the intent of getting healthier…my cholesterol was way high, my blood pressure was high, and my weight was also high (as of my last physical a few weeks ago, I am off my meds). I realized that if I wanted to be here for my family for a long time, the least I could do was to take of myself. It was an easy decision to make from the standpoint of my health, but a very difficult one to make from the pride and ego point of view. What I found is a culture of support, love, good technique, and friendship.
PRs are great, don’t get me wrong, but what gets me motivated is that 5 year boy that has tagged along with me to the gym since he was 3. I appreciate how much love he has received, how welcomed he is made to feel, how many friends he has made, and how a whole gym came together last year to help his Mommy and Daddy as they go through another adoption just so that he can be a big brother. When I am tired, out of breath, achy, and sweaty he has been known to say “ooh, Daddy that was good…do one more.” My biggest accomplishments to date are setting an example of hard work and surrounding him with genuinely good people who care.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart: my family and I owe a lot to this gym…not the four walls encompassing the building, but rather the people who make up the fabric of this gym. My sincerest gratitude and respect goes out to all those athletes and coaches who put the time in to help, teach, support, and keep CFP going.
War Eagle!”
Lisandro Valle