Member Ray Klaff is a WHOLE new man!

CrossFit on the Plains recently finished a 30 day nutrition challenge and the gym is seeing some major results! Between a combination of a clean diet and routine WOD’s, members felt better, lost weight, gained muscle and changed their approach to food and dieting.

Ray Klaff was introduced to CFP by a friend and member, Tyler Kreps. Upon joining, the gym was preparing to start a 30 day Whole9 challenge. Ray jumped right in and committed to eating clean and wodding 4-5 days a week. 

Ray Klaff 1

This challenge was successful for me because of the clear whole 9 plan that provided a large list of food, the support from Coach Phillip, and the help from Tyler Kreps who cooked many of the meals, especially at the beginning of the challenge. 

Ray focused on eating clean the entire 30 days even when traveling for work, entertaining friends, etc.

The hardest part was completely changing my eating and drinking habits.   Now, it is almost second nature. 

As a “newbie” to CrossFit, Ray not only changed his diet but he changed his workout routine and lifestyle.

I fell in love with the variety of workouts each day and the competitive atmosphere in the gym. I look forward to the WOD all day!image

Since the challenge has ended, Ray has continued to follow the Whole9 diet and WOD 4-5 days a week. He also does not let a cheat meal set him back. He gets right back to it the next meal and doesn’t look back. Many will agree that having the right mind set is the main ingredient when deciding make a lifestyle change. 

I am living a much healthier lifestyle, I feel wonderful and have a lot of energy. I am also able to make  healthier food decisions when eating out. 

At CFP, nutrition is one of our top priorities. Each member if provided a Whole9 guide as part of their membership and encouraged to follow a that package or other options that works for their health and lifestyle. Coach Philip Cala is always available for nutrition consults by appointment and can be contacted any day of the week by email with a general diet question. 

Current members, please make sure that you have access to your Whole9 guide and if you need any additional guidance in the nutrition area, please contact Philip to set up a consultation. Philip can help you find a plan that works for you and also help you reach specific health goals. CFP wants each of you to reach your goal of weight loss, muscle gain, strength, endurance, etc. We will be hosting another nutrition challenge soon and encourage each of you to get on board!

Congrats Ray!! We wish you continued success!