September Athlete of the Month-Meet Michael Hamby

For those of you that have not had a chance to meet Michael Hamby, you are missing out! Michael is a “nooner” through and through and is always encouraging others and approaches each workout with a positive attitude.

In his usual humbling manner, Michael wanted to “thank the gang at CFP for this honor as that there are many guys and gals out there more deserving than I of this acknowledgement.”

Beach-Dance Recital - June 2012 064Michael was first introduced to Crossfit by watching the Games on ESPN. Like many of us, he was probably staring at the television in amazement knowing that the next year, he would be on his way to the CrossFit Games. It was at this time that he started looking it up on the internet and I had always noticed the CFP when passing it on his daily travels around Auburn for work. After taking the plunge, Michael started at CFP this past January 2013.

I really enjoy the high intensity work and the body-weight type exercises.  I really never realized how important they are and how much strength increases being able to do this type of work.  It is not just about lifting a heavy barbell.  I love the group workout approach, it is awesome to have people encouraging you through your workout, whether you are a novice or advanced CF athlete, no egos here.

CrossFit and CrossFit on the Plains have impacted Michael’s life, according to Michael.

I have always said I never wanted to be one of those guys with DONE LAP DISEASE(my belly done lapped over my belt line) or have “Moobies”(man breast, you may have to edit that!) and I was steadily approaching that scenario.  Since beginning CrossFit, I have lost about 15 lbs and established better eating habits.  CrossFit helps develop confidence by completing a WOD Rx or scaled and just knowing you finished gives you confidence that carries over into your everyday life. I promise, it has for me.  I have better health due to exercise and the eating habits taught by the staff at CFP, have completely impacted my life for the good.

Michael’s favorite movement is the Deadlift and anything without Wall Balls.  I think Wall Balls should be made illegal and they are unfair for us short guys!

” Michael is a great person to have around the gym because he is so positive and upbeat. He has fun with CrossFit and lifts up others members. I love his friendly attitude and how easy he is to coach. Its been great to watch him get so much stronger and not only Rx workouts but do them well.”- Dalton Ard, Owner/Coach CrossFit on the Plains

 CFP is awesome. The workouts are fun but very challenging.  Dalton and Phillip are great coaches (since I workout at noon, I have them as coaches) with extreme skills in teaching the movements, diet and motivation.  I always hear them in my head when doing a WOD to “Keep Moving”.  I must not forget all the great members especially the “nooners” and the way everyone pushes one another to do their best, again, like I mentioned earlier, no egos here, just people helping each other get better, and the whole family feeling you get at CFP.  You cannot beat CFP. 

Michael has beautiful wife named Krissy and two precious daughters, Georganna(12) and Mary Grantleigh(10).  They live in Alexander City, Alabama, and he commutes to Auburn everyday for work.  Michael’s  wife is a pharmacist and his girls love to dance and cheer.  Georganna is in her first year as a middle school cheerleader and her sister Mary Grantleigh is not far behind.  My family has been a big support for me.  They like it when Daddy exercises, they say it puts me in a better mood and not as cranky.  They will say that Daddy was pretty cranky the first couple of weeks of the Whole9 Challenge(Paleo) we just completed, but that I settled down later.  God has truly blessed me with my family, He could take me out today and I would die being the most blessed man in the world by having these ladies in my life.