Oly Lifting Seminar

Many of you may have heard already, but we are planning on hosting an Oly Lifting Seminar led by two-time Olympian, Chad Vaughn! Right now, we are trying to decide which one to book. Here are the options…email Dalton and let him know which one you would be interested in if you would like to attend. The date is Sunday, September 15th.

Option 1
Vaughn Weightlifting Basic Seminar

Limited to 12 ONLY!
Up to 18 in a few, select locations with assistant.
8 hours of instruction
Weightlifting information packet (beginner guide, articles, sample beginner program.)

Squat presentation and practice
Snatch progression, part I
Start position/bar trajectory presentation and practice
1 hour lunch break

Handout and key concepts review
Snatch progression, part II
Snatch platform time
Jerk progression
Clean progression
Clean & Jerk platform time
Final Thoughts & Questions

Option 2
Vaughn Weightlifting Lecture
-4 hours=$100/participant
Topics covered:
-Chad’s 4 keys to Weightlifting discussed throughout
-How and Why to squat like a weightlifter
-Complete movement defined
-Most important position of the snatch and clean?
-Start position and bar path
-Secrets of the jerk
*Demos and volunteer assessment/participation throughout

Vaughn Weightlifting Athlete’s Session
-2 hours of platform time=$125/participant
-The Lecture is a prereq/limited to 6 ONLY!

-Air squat and OH squat practice
-Snatch warm up and progression workout
-Snatch with assessments, cues, and tips
-Front squat and back squat practice
-Jerk warm up and progression workout
-C&J with assessments, cues, and tips
-Final thoughts and Questions

*NOTE: An individual can of course choose to just attend the lecture. The lecture would be limited to the number of people that you would be comfortable fitting in your gym. We would start with 2 separate athlete’s sessions after the 4 hour lecture(ie, Saturday 8:00am-12:00pm lecture, 12pm-1pm lunch, 1pm-3pm athlete’s session 1, 3:30pm-5:30pm athlete’s session.