August 1st Wodify will go live and so will our diets!

Attention members: Effective August 1st, we will be utilizing Wodify to the fullest. Many of you have probably already noticed that with your Wodify account, you have a food journal. This food journal allows each of you to enter your daily meals, snacks, etc. and even submit them to Philip for his review. SO, beginning August 1st, we are starting a Whole30 challenge. Yes, you heard us…for 30 days we are going strict paleo!

Many of you were not able to commit to the previous summer challenge due to vacations and travel BUT now is the time! You each have your Whole9 package that we provided you a few weeks ago. Let’s utilize it. If each of you were to have looked in to getting your own Whole9 package, it would have cost you around $60 but now you have it at no additional cost.

No more writing down your food intake because you can easily enter it in your Wodify food journal when you enter your WOD time or sign in to a class. This 30 day challenge will be a TEAM CHALLENGE. Teams will be made up of two partners and those partners cannot be within the same household. We will not be taking measurements or weight. That will be on each of you to do that. If your in a diet and does not have time to prepare you food,
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The winning team will be chosen by attendance and diet. THAT’S IT. The team with the cleanest diet will win, they can even use a low carb keto diet guide for beginners from if they want to. The winning team will receive ONE MONTH FREE MEMBERSHIP.

Here is how it will work:

You will each be signing in to your classes each day anyways so we will be able to track your attendance. Each day, enter your food in your Wodify food journal and save it. At the end of the challenge, Philip will be able to review each team’s diet to help select the winning team. If you cheat during a meal…write “CHEAT” at the beginning in capital letters so that it will stand out as a cheat. The last day of the challenge will be August 30th. Please note that each day, you can enter your weight, etc. on your food journal if you choose to. That is up to you. We are giving this challenge a more “hands off” approach and putting the work on each of you. After you enter your food log for the day, click “request review” and it will be sent to Philip.

Next week we will be having a goal workshop meeting where we will answer questions about the 30 day challenge and also show each of you some of the new Wodify information. WE ENCOURAGE EACH AND EVERY MEMBER TO ATTEND THIS. If you have kids, bring them and they can play in the kid’s room. It won’t take too long.

In the meantime, PICK A PARTNER.