CFP Ladies to begin a Health Reset

The summer nutrition challenge began a few weeks ago and we can all agree that its hard to stay on track with graduation parties, summer bbq’s, birthday parties, etc. That’s why the ladies of CFP are embarking on a month long “health reset”! We are kicking the fall off right before tailgate and football season begins!

DSC_0500What is a “health reset” and how is that different from a nutrition challenge?

First, when you think of “resetting” something, words like renew, refresh, reconstruct, or reorganize may come to mind. That’ s exactly what we are going to embark on…a resetting and here is how we are going to do it:

1. We are going to lean on each other for ideas and support and build a great foundation. The health dispensaries mt will begin Monday, July 8th. On Sunday, July 7th we will have a CFP Ladies group gathering at the gym to discuss struggles that we each encounter with food choices, exchange a few recipes and meal ideas, etc. We are not just resetting our bodies, we are resetting our minds. How many of you agree that when we start some of these challenges, its a total mind game? I know it is for and it drives me crazy and I drive people crazy around me. I get irritated and I irritate others around me. Let’s not put the cart before the horse when it comes to our nutritional plan and start with getting our minds right. We are beautiful, healthy women already who have made a commitment to our physical health and wellness so let’s just build on that using healthy food and a health protocol from

betty-white-angry-eating2. We are going to look to each other for success and encouragement. Let me just get this out there right now…nothing burns my cookies more than doing these nutrition challenges and Dalton losing exorbitant amounts of body fat and I lose what feels like 1 lb. of water weight. I mean I cook for the man, I am eating the same things he does, why I am not having the same success as him? Oh that’s right, its because I am female and he is male! So why am I looking to him to gauge my success? I need to look to other women at the gym and that’s what we are going to do for the purposes of this health reset.

3. We are going to take one step at a time. Nothing is harder than starting the challenges and and having to change 101 bad habits. We are going to focus on a few struggles and go from there…that’s it. If soda is your weakness, for this health reset, you will focus on that. If breakfast is your worst meal of the day, focus on that and learn to change that habit, one thing at a time. If weekend , eating and/or drinking is hard for you, start there. This health reset is to reset our minds to overcome some of the daily obstacles we face and apply those changes. fdhpvt

4. We will set one diet and one CrossFit goal. Let me clarify, by diet, I  mean one…one thing…not lose 100 lbs. We will set a goal to eat a better breakfast or cut out soda or get more sleep. We will also set one CrossFit goal. We are going to reset our vision and goals within the gym one step at a time. And ladies, don’t be too hard on yourselves. Your CrossFit does not need to be a 2 minute Fran time. It could be a pullup, a handstand, double-unders, etc. and we are going to help you accomplish that goal. We also have some ladies who are not a member at CFP but part of this ladies group and I want to encourage them to set a goal outside of CFP as well. That could be trying double-unders on their own or running an extra mile, etc.

5. What about our pregnant ladies? Oh don’t think I forgot about you…and there are quite a few of you! Your goals may just be to be active throughout your pregnancy and trust me, that is great! Maybe you just need encouragement or support from some of the ladies to make it to the gym or just go with you on a walk…well we are here for you!

6.No weighing. There is not weighing on this health reset because guess what, you don’t get any prize at the end and if weighing yourself constantly is something that you would like to change, this is the time!opening-angry-dieter-scale-ss

For the gathering on Sunday, July 7th, please bring a recipe and have some goals in mind. I will type up all of the recipes and email them out to everyone!

Please also bring your new Whole9 packet if you have questions or would like to discuss any of that. Look forward to seeing everyone!-Kelly