Registration for CrossFit for Hope will begin today!

Registration for the CrossFit for Hope event will begin today. The last day to register and/or purchase a t-shirt will be July 18th. If you register to participate you will get a t-shirt but we will also be selling t-shirts separately for those of you that would just like some swag!

We will have a regular t-shirt for the men (same style and brand of the Toomer’s Tribute shirts) and a women’s cut  for the ladies. We plan on having the t-shirt design posted this week!

If you plan on registering for this event and/or purchasing a t-shirt, please email Kelly at or send her a text ( 205.994.5517) with your name, t-shirt size and whether or not you will be participating. REMEMBER, we are asking each participant to raise a little money if they can! Each individual can sign up for their own donation page on the CrossFit for Hope website…just list CFP as your affiliate OR talk with your affiliate about listing them as your gym and that is fine to list them as well. Just keep in mind that that affiliate may have a little leg work on their end to get the funds distributed, etc.

This event is open to outside gyms and look forward to having everyone!