The Ladies of CrossFit on the Plains

Let me first start off this article identifying who is writing it. I am the wife of Dalton Ard, owner and coach at CrossFit on the Plains. As much as I love CrossFit, I won’t be getting my Level 1 CrossFit Certification but  have had the privilege to take on the Women’s group at our facility and want it to grow in to something bigger than CrossFit on the Plains and even larger than CrossFit.

CFP LadiesI have to say, I love meeting all of the women that join our gym! The women that I have met come from histories such as breast cancer, eating disorders, pregnancy, yo-yo dieting, abuse, and the list goes on and on. They also come from a history of years of gymnastics, military experience, Division I sports, and marathons… just to name a few.It’s really amazing  to hear their fitness history, diet struggles, insecurities and learn about what brought them to CrossFit. At the same time, I get sad  when I hear what they have struggled with and even reflect on what I have struggled with myself. I wish I could say that CrossFit on the Plains brought these women to CrossFit but that’s simply not true. I wish I could say that once these women were brought to CrossFit and POOF,  all of those insecurities and struggles disappeared, but that’s not true either.

CFP Ladies

When I began putting together a plan for the Women’s group at CFP, my first thought was how do I bring all of these women together who come from such different places and range in ages from 17-60? I think I have had the revelation! At least I hope I do and that’s the fact that despite our age or history, we are all women. We struggle with the same insecurities and issues with dieting and fitness. We can come together and be stronger than ever and here is how we are going to do it:

  • We are going to be uplifting to each other no matter what. Sure, we want to perform well and have that level of competition but we are going to encourage and love each other on a daily basis at the gym. When we are finished our workout and one of women is beside us still going, we are going to cheer her on until the end. It is an awesome feeling to be complimented and/or encouraged by another female that we care for and respect.
  • We are going to help each other out. If someone expresses their recent struggle with trying to eat better or get in to the gym more, we are going to listen to them and do what we can to help them through those struggles. Women wear the weight of the world on their shoulders and it comes out through eating and or exercising. We can all agree with that!
  • We are going to have a CFP Ladies only get together once a month. We will meet at my house and the plan will change from meeting to meeting. Some nights we will all bring a dish and recipe, sometimes we will talk about struggles, other times we will just get together and hang out, meet each other and get to know each other on a deeper level so that we can be there for each other.CFP Ladies
  • We are going to have open gym times where the ladies of CFP can work on a goal or accomplishment that they have been wanting and we are all going to be there to encourage and lift each other up. (maybe literally 🙂 We will have coaches at these open gyms to provide instruction and help if needed.
  • We will reach out to each other. When you are stretching, working on mobility, etc. and have not met the awesome lady next to you, introduce yourself. I can pretty much promise you that you will never regret introducing yourself to the woman who is sweating next to you in a WOD because that person may be the one yelling for you to finish strong.
  • We are not going to judge each other. We all come from different backgrounds, family histories, etc. but that does not matter. In a society that puts the Kate Upton’s on every ad and website of what the beautiful woman is, we need to be there for each other and lift each other up. We get judged enough by ourselves and society. Bee and Maggie

The ladies of CrossFit on the Plains are incredible as I truly believe the ladies of other CrossFit gyms are. It may sound corny but I love it when I see the “sorority girl” is cheering on the “mom of 2” or the “breast cancer survivor” is cheering on the “surgeon”. Have you ever wondered how many other places you would see women from such different backgrounds come together? I have. I wonder it all the time.

We can also learn things from each other. I was talking to a “mom” the other day whose son has serious dietary needs and immediately thought “Wow, I need to introduce her to another lady at our gym whose daughter has some of the same issues.” We are going to be there for each other.

I am honored to have the opportunity to put this group together but the truth is, each lady at our gym is the one that this group is about.

With all of that said, I invite each and every awesome female at our gym to get in involved with this group. We have a section on the website for the ladies group where we will post news and upcoming events. We will also use that area to spotlight what the ladies of CFP are doing in and outside of the gym. We have a Facebook group “CFP Ladies” that we have as well. If you do not have Facebook, please provide me your email address so that I can email you upcoming events, etc. I can be reached at I can add any of you to the Facebook group if you email me.